Licence Details

Application Number:
Licence Number:
Licence Description:
Licensing Act 2003
Licence Type:
Premises Licence
Application Type:
Greenwich & Docklands Festival
Trading Name:
Greenwich Fair 2021
Licence Address:
Greenwich+ Docklands Festival
Cutty Sark Gardens
SE10 9HT
Issue Date:
Start Date:

  Licence Specifics

Premises Licence

Plays Licence Location:
Outdoors Only
Plays Standard Start Sunday:
Plays Standard End Sunday:
Indoor Sporting Events:
Boxing Or Wrestling Entertainment:
Live Music:
Live Music Licence Location:
Outdoors Only
Live Music Standard Start Sunday:
Live Music Standard End Sunday:
Recorded Music:
Recorded Music Licence Location:
Outdoors Only
Recorded Music Standard Start Sunday:
Recorded Music Standard End Sunday:
Performance Of Dance:
Performance Of Dance Licence Location:
Outdoors Only
Performance Of Dance Standard Start Sunday:
Performance Of Dance Standard End Sunday:
Other Standard Activities:
Other Standard Activities Licence Location:
Outdoors Only
Other Standard Activities Standard Start Sunday:
Other Standard Activities Standard End Sunday:
Late Night:
Supply Of Alcohol:
Supply Of Alcohol Licence Location:
Both on and off the premises
Supply Of Alcohol Standard Start Sunday:
Supply Of Alcohol Standard End Sunday:
Opening Hours Standard Start Sunday:
Opening Hours Standard End Sunday:
Late Night Levy:

Designated Premises Supervisor

Joseph Valiunas
Start Date:


8. Any individuals carrying out security activities at the premises must be licensed by the Security Industry Authority.   This does not apply where the premises are being used primarily as a Qualifying Club under a Club Premises Certificate, under a Temporary Event Notice, or primarily as a cinema, restaurant or theatre.

9. Admission of children to films must be restricted in accordance with any recommendation made by the film classification body.  Where the film is unclassified, or where the Council has notified the holder of the Premises Licence that they wish to make their own classification, admission of children must be restricted in accordance with any recommendation made by the Council.  “Children” means any person aged under 18 and “film classification body” means the person or persons designated as the authority under section 4 of the Video Recordings Act 1984 (authority to determine availability of video works for classification).

Annex 2 – Conditions consistent with the operating schedule


1. The event shall be run in accordance with the latest version of the Greenwich+Dockland International Festival (GDIF) Event Safety Management Plan (EMP), as submitted to members of the Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG) Entertainment Licensing Safety Advisory Group (ELSAG); comprised of representatives from the Licensing Authority, the Responsible Authorities and other relevant bodies. The EMP shall include (but not be limited to):

(a) A detailed site plan

(b) Emergency Evacuation Procedures;

(c) Risk Assessments;

(d) Event Waste Management Plan;

(e) Capacity and Egress Calculations;

(f) First Aid Provision;

(g) Wind and Weather Management Plan;

(h) Lost Children and Vulnerable Person Procedures;

(i) Stewarding Positions;

2. GDIF shall comply with any additional requirements found to be necessary by authorised officers of the Licensing Authority during inspection of the event arrangements, or during the event.

3. An Event Liaison Team (ELT) comprising the Production Manager, GDIF Executive Producer or Head of Production, and Head of Security, shall be available during the event to discuss any concerns or queries from authorised officers of the Licensing Authority or the Metropolitan Police.

4. Stewards

(a) Event Stewards shall be employed throughout the event (the number to be specified within the EMP) with a responsibility to manage audiences and ensure that access routes are maintained and emergency egress routes remain clear;

(b) Stewards shall be equipped and able to communicate with each other via two-way radio;

(c) Stewards shall wear readily identifiable clothing;

(d) Stewards shall enforce exclusion zones, in particular around technical equipment / moving parts / objects / performance element, and vehicles; utilising barriers where appropriate.

(e) All stewards shall be briefed in their duties prior to the commencement of the event.

(f) All stewards will be provided with contact details of the Production Manager, Head of Production, and Executive Produce for any queries that arise during the event.

5. Security

(a) A professional security company shall be employed and on site throughout the event;

(b) Audience numbers will be assessed by eye security officer (or by clicker where deemed appropriate) with a mind to prevent overcrowding, considering audience profile and behaviour, weather and performance elements. Each performance that takes place within a closed or enclosed area shall have a risk assessed and limited capacity. This capacity should be documents and made available to authorised officers of the Licensing Authority, or the metropolitan police on demand.

6. First Aid

(a) First Aid provision shall be assessed through the National Ambulance Resilience Unit (NARU) points system/table, and confirmed in the final version of the EMP.

(b) First Aid provision will be provided during build and strike periods as well as during the event.

7. Fire Safety

(a) Emergency access route for emergency vehicles shall be maintained cleat of obstructions throughout the build/strike periods, and the event duration.

(b) Suitable and sufficient fire fighting equipment shall be placed in the vicinity of all potential sources of ignition including (but not limited to) temporary electrical instillations and generators.

8. Structures

(a) All temporary structures shall possess adequate strength and stability, both in service and constructions, and their assembly shall be carried out in accordance with plans, calculations and specifications drawn up by a competent designer.

(b) All structures shall adhere to standard industry conditions and Health and Safety documentation shall be available on request.

(c) A barrier delineation system shall be put in place to ensure the public remain a safe distance from any structures where necessary;

(d) All structures and performance builds shall take place in a secured area, with no public access at any time until the area is deemed safe by the GDIF Production Manager;

(e) A Wind and Weather Management Plan shall be drawn up to enable GDIF teams to take appropriate action on structures in relation to given wind speeds. Weather forecasts shall be consulted and an anemometer shall be used for live monitoring of wind speeds. All visiting companies shall provide a weather management plan to GDIF ahead of any performances.

(f) Marquees shall be compliant with BSI standards. Marquees shall be fire retardant, with appropriate firefighting equipment positioned within.

(g) Any stands for loudspeakers or lighting fittings shall be ballasted for stability to prevent them from falling or being knocked over, and shall be barriers where necessary to avoid persons tripping over protruding legs, etc.

9. Special Effects

(a) Special effects shall not be used without prior approval from the Licensing Authority;

(b) A full risk assessment of the use of special effects shall be provided (within the EMP).

10. Vehicle Movement

(a) There shall be no vehicle movement allow on-site during the event, with the exception of vehicles used as part of the performance or emergency vehicles in the case of an incident;

(b) Clear access to all parts of the site shall be maintained for emergency services vehicles

(c) Stewards shall ensure that all persons attending the event are kept clear of moving vehicles, and any moving vehicles on sire associated with the events shall be chaperoned by stewards in high visibility tabards, as needed.

11. Technical Hazards

(a) The use and installation of on-site electronics shall be overseen by a competent and qualified person(s);

(b) Trip hazards shall be identified, and suitable provision shall be made to eliminate the risk of injury through cable ramping, matting or trenching, or barriers, as appropriate.

(c) All temporary power cables shall be suitable for outdoor use and shall be routed so as to prevent mechanical damage and/or access by unauthorised persons.

(d) All temporary electrical installations shall be checked for suitability and safety on completion by a competent and qualified person(s);

(e) Suitable barriers shall be provided around all plant, machinery and high-risk heat sources.

12. Alcohol and Catering

(a) Health and Safety information for catering stands shall be circulated to Trading Standards and Environmental Health as requested;

(b) All bar staff shall be trained to observe the “Challenge 25 scheme”. A log shall be kept of such training and be made available for inspection by authorised officers of the Licensing Authority;

(c) The challenge 25 scheme shall operate at all times during the event, and staff shall be trained to accept only forms of identity bearing a photograph of the holder, such as a passport, photo driving licence, or “PASS” cards, when selling alcohol to young people.

(d) The Greenwich “Think 25” and “It’s a Crime” posters shall be prominently displayed at stalls / bars, etc., selling alcohol. 

(e) Professional security personnel shall be on site throughout operating hours to observe crowd dynamics. Should overcrowding or disorderly behaviour become evident, GDIF shall assess the situation and cease the provision of alcohol if deemed necessary.

(f) Adequate toilet provision (as specified in the EMP) shall be provided.

13. Noise

(a) A decibel meter shall be used on site to ensure that the Music Noise Level (MNL) as defined in the “Code of Practice on Environment Noise Control at Concerts” shall not exceed levels as specified by the Environmental Health Officer;

(b) A contact telephone number shall be provided to the RBG Noise Team (EH Pollution) so that direct contact can be made with GDIF during the event if noise complaints are received.

(c) A designated person shall be in charge of the sound systems and shall be present throughout the event.

(d) Any PA systems shall be sited, as far as is practicable, at the maximum distance from residential and other noise sensitive premises.

14. Children

(a) A designated meeting point for lost children and vulnerable people shall be in place, details of which shall be fully confirmed in the EMP. This meeting point shall be clearly signposted throughout the site and staffed by stewards with DBS accreditation.

(b) Stewards shall be placed by areas deemed to pose a particular risk to children, in order to ensure they are effectively excluded from such areas.

Licence History

Application Number Licence Number Licence Reference Licence Description Licence Type Licence Application Type Status Licensee Additional Licensee Trading Name Licence Area Licence Address Issue Date Start Date Closed Date Expiry Date
12066 12996 Licensing Act 2003 Premises Licence New Granted Greenwich Fair 2021 Greenwich+ Docklands Festival
Cutty Sark Gardens
SE10 9HT
18-06-2021 29-08-2021 30-08-2021