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Gambling Act 2005
Licence Type:
Betting Other Premises Licence
Application Type:
Ladbrokes Betting & Gaming Limited
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27 Greens End
SE18 6JY
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The following conditions have been attached to the licence by the issuing licensing authority under Section 169(1)(a) of the Gambling Act 2005:

1. A comprehensive CCTV system shall be fully maintained and have a storage capacity of thirty-one (31) days recording with date & time-stamping. All entry points shall be covered enabling facial identification of every person entering. Recordings shall be made available by the premises licence holder on demand for inspection by Police and “authorised persons” (as defined by Section 304 of the Gambling Act 2005). 

2. The premises licence holder (or a representative thereof) shall perform annual maintenance of the CCTV as instructed by the manufacturers’ guidelines and recommended timeframe as a minimum. All cameras shall be kept clean and clear of obstructions and signage, including seasonal displays.

3. The premises licence holder shall perform a test of the CCTV every fourteen (14) days. This shall include, but not be limited to, confirmation of playback of thirty-one (31) day-old footage. This shall be recorded in a log with the time & date of the test and name of the staff member completing. 

4. In the event of failure or faults with the CCTV which compromise its ability to record clear usable images, real-time playback, or provide footage in an easily downloadable format, the premises licence holder (or a representative thereof) shall inform Greenwich Police Licensing and the Royal Greenwich licensing authority with reasonable expedition, and risk assess whether licensable activities can continue. 

5. Notices indicating that CCTV is in use at the premises shall be placed at or near the entrance to the premises and within the premises. 

6. A monitor shall be placed inside the premises above the front door showing CCTV images of customers entering exiting the premises. 

7. The licensee shall maintain a record of Think 21 challenges which shall be made available to the Police and “authorised persons” (as defined by Section 304, Gambling Act 2005) forthwith on request. 

8. Prominent signage and notices advertising ‘Think 21’ and ‘No Under-18s’ shall be displayed showing the operation of such policy. 

9. A magnetic locking device, commonly referred to as a Maglock, shall be installed and maintained on the main entrance/exit to the premises which shall be operable from the ground floor cashier counter by staff. 

10. The licensee shall refuse entry to customers who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

11. The premises shall operate a strict zero-tolerance anti-drugs policy. Any patrons found in possession of, using, or selling illegal drugs, shall be permanently barred from the premises’ and reported to the Police, and recorded within the premises’ incident log. Signage to this effect shall be prominently placed within the premises. 

12. The licensee shall place and maintain a sign at the entrance of the premises stating that access to the premises shall be excluded to the following people: 

a) Anyone who is under the age of 18; and

b) Anyone who appears to be under the age of 21and is unable to provide proof of age that they are over the age of 18.

13. The licensee shall: 

a) Train staff on specific issues related to the local area and shall conduct periodic refresher training; and

b) Ensure that participation in this training shall be formally recorded and the records produced to the police and “authorised persons” upon request. 

14. A record shall be kept for the premises and made available on request to Police and “authorised persons” – it shall record the following: 

a) All crimes reported to the venue; 

b) Any complaints received regarding crime and disorder; 

c) Any incidents of disorder; 

d) Any faults in the CCTV system; and 

e) Any visit by a relevant authority or emergency service.

The following conditions, which would otherwise attach to the licence by virtue of regulations made under section 168 of the Gambling Act 2005, have been excluded by the issuing authority under section 169(1)(b) of that Act:


A scale Location & Floorplan is attached as an annex to this licence:         Drawing No. LAD SF WOOL / LICENCE, dated 28th February 2022.


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